Pre Order Page

Our SPRING/SUMMER pre orders Arrive with us over February, March and April (most arrives March )

The AUTURM/WINTER Pre order stock arrives with us over Aug, September, October (mainly September ).

 We can't guarantee a date but we do promise to post out as soon as we get the delivery. 

Ordering pre order by its self

Check out as normal and pay in full. Our system will know it is a pre order. 

If your also wanting to make an order of products that we have IN STOCK , at the same time as making a pre order, you have 2 choices...

 CHOICE 1... If you don't mind waiting for the IN STOCK product/s to arrive at the same time as your pre order/s. We will just post out as one order (after pre order arrives with us). The benefit of this way is that you gain discounts if you spent over £40 and you save having to pay 2 delivery charges. 

CHOICE 2...But if you are wanting an IN STOCK order straight away. You will need to make 2 completely different orders... First make a normal order of the IN STOCK product/s. And then come back after and make your pre order.  

Don't forget to add your discount code at check out...

code: OFF10 for 10% off orders over £40


We sell out of our stock fast so it is recommended to pre order to avoid disappointment 

La Laurel x 



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